A guide for business clients that need translation services

Humans have known how to read for about 5000 years, and an agreement on the meaning of words allowed them to communicate. Misunderstandings probably occurred as well, but they may not have mattered as much then as they do in today’s global marketplace. Precise language facilitates business by promoting communication with customers. An understanding of words and their different meanings around the world helps avoid embarrassing incidents that can damage a company’s reputation. The task of selecting reliable translation services in Singapore requires careful consideration of essential capabilities.

At Letter Crafts, our expertise in technology and translation helps you grow your business. Global brands trust us to offer practical business solutions that produce tangible results. Our full-service company can develop an online presence for your business as well as manage your translation requirements with certified native speakers who understand your business and your target audience.

Finding a Reliable Translation Service

Translation agencies that provide essential services can meet your requirements for the level of quality that you expect and deserve.

1. Effective Communication

You can assess the ability of a service to reach your audience by how well it communicates with you. A project manager who talks to you in plain language without complexities and demonstrates a commitment to your project can help qualify a company for consideration. You need access by phone or email to monitor the ongoing progress of your project.

2. Translation and Localization

Expertise in languages that native speakers offer can make a vast difference in reaching target audiences. A more complex skill than translating, localization can tailor content to cultural practices and preferences. Linguists who understand local cultures may bring immense value to your outreach efforts.

3. Business Acumen

Human translators who have experience in specific sectors of the business world can help target your audience effectively. The translation of standard language may not adequately address the jargon that your business uses. You can gain a competitive edge by choosing a service that provides translators who understand your business.

4. Access to Technology

We use technology to perform online research, develop website content, streamline business operations and facilitate workflow amongst proofreaders, sales and ongoing support. Our sophisticated approach combines linguistics with practical applications to create efficiencies. The coordination of translation services with website presentations can enhance your advertising and marketing programs.

5. Deadlines and Turnaround Time

Experienced translation services in Singapore can tell you how much time projects require for content development and proofreading. A knowledgeable firm can delineate the difference between the time it needs for marketing or promotional materials and technical documents.

6. Pricing

Service companies base prices on content, language, volume and purpose, and the amount that you pay includes high-quality translation as well as on-time delivery. Some firms may let you compare prices from competitors who offer the same services.

7. Meeting Your Translation Needs

We provide the highest quality translations to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Call us for a quote on any of our services. We stand behind our cost and completion date estimates.