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Chinese Translation

Reach out to the one of the largest economies of the world.

Spanish Translation

Spanish is an official language in 20 countries & a widely spoken language.

Japanese Translation

Japanese is an official language of Japan with rich history and culture.

Arabic Translation

Arabic is native language for 250mn, official language of 27 nations & widely spoken in The middle east.

French Translation

French is an official language in 29 countries and native speaking language for over 80 million people.

German Translation

German is an official language in 6 nations with world wide native speakers of 95 million.

Korean Translation

Korean is an official language in North Korea and South Korea with rich history and culture.

Intalian Translation

Italian is an official language in 7 nations & widely spoken in Europe and native of 65 Million people.

Portuguese Translation

Portuguese is spoken by 250 Million people across globe & an official language in 9 countries.

Farsi Translation

Persian/ Farsi is widely spoken in Iran & also an official language in Afganishtan (Dari), Tajikistan (Tajik).

Russain Translation

Russian is an official language in 38+ terrritories and native for 260 million speakers across globe.

Dutch Translation

Dutch is predominantly spoken in Netherlands, Belgium and native language for 28 million people.

Asian Languages

Malay Translation

Malay is an official language in 5 countries and native language for 77 million people across globe.

Bahasa Indonesian Translation

Bahasa Indonesian is a native language for 45 million people across globe and official language in Indonesia.

Tamil Translation

Tamil is an official language in India (Tamilnadu), Sri lanka, Singapore & Malaysia.

Thai Translation

Thai is widely spoken in Thailand and its official language of the country and native language for 20 Million.

Vietnam Translation

Vietnam is an official language of Vietnam & spoken by over 75 Million People.

Filipino Translation

Filipino/Tagalog is a national language of Philippines and is a native language for over 45 million.

Khmer Translation

Khmer is an official language of Cambodia & is native language for over 20 Million people.

Lao Translation

Lao is an official language of Laos & is native language for over 30 Million people.

Burmese Translation

Burmese is an official language of Myanmar(Burma) & it is a native language for over 40 million.

More Languages

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