How to Choose the Right Translation Service Company

Translation services are becoming more and more popular in today’s global society. This is multi-factorial and is due partly to increased travel, the economy, education, and tourism. As such, it is important to keep in mind your intention in translating. This will help you pick the right translation service for your needs and expectations. For instance, are you translating a document for legal accuracy, or a work of literature for implicit meaning, or a newspaper for cultural context? All of these intentions will yield different results in the final translation, so it is important to get clear on your personal goals for the translator’s service. This blog will go through the process on choosing the right translation services in Singapore to ensure that you are truly getting what you pay for. It is in our best interests to do so!

Step One: Get Clear on Your Product

Only once you define your product can we actually work with it. Without your definition, we are on the spot for defining it. As such, once the work is defined and your intention is clear, we can work together on creating a translation that is truly reminiscent of the original.

Step One: Get Clear on Your Product

This will help you feel good about making a commitment to us, and will also ensure that we can meet your expectations. After all, a project without a deadline is much different than one with a strict deadline. If you are launching a product and need the translation done on that time frame, it is very important to keep this at the forefront of making the right decision on a translation service. We know that a missed deadline could mean a missed opportunity.

Step Three: What is the Volume You Need Translated?

This will make or break a deal simply due to supply and demand. If you have an enormous project going and you choose a small translation service company, they may simply not be able to keep up. In addition, if you need the product translated into multiple languages, this is also important to acknowledge.

Step Four: What Language Pairs are Involved?

Acknowledging the language pairs is also crucial to picking the right service company. For instance, maybe you need French and English, but the translation service company specializes in English and Russian. This may pose a problem and ultimately lead to you have to choose another translation service company.

Step Five: Does Your Product Require Additional Expertise?

Maybe you need a project about zoo animals translated, which requires expertise in the animal, type of food, behavior, and other terminology. This is far different from translating a screenplay with idioms unique to the original language. Then again, these two examples are much different from a technical project. Before settling on a translation service company, we recommend you getting clear on the needs of the project. This will ultimately leave both parties feeling good about trusting, and about putting forth their best effort.

Step Six: Know How You Will Judge the Final Product

This is important especially if the other language is not your native language. How do you know that the translation service company actually did a good job?

In addition, learning about the location of the translation service company will help you make a decision as to whether it is a company that you can and want to trust. Finally, get information on how qualified your translation service company is. A trusting translation service company will be accredited and will have educated and capable translators who are knowledgeable and proficient in the languages and work that you present.

Step Seven: Are Your Documents Confidential?

This is a good question to ask yourself. You want to be sure that your documents are safe, even long after you stop using the company. Are your documents already protected? Do you sign over any rights? Do not overlook any fine print, and always ask questions before signing any contracts when you feel uncomfortable. Questions you might consider asking:

Step Eight: What is the Customer Service Like?

This is a great way to learn about the translation service company without making any commitments. It is here that you can ask about whether or not the same translator will be on all of your projects, do they give second edit opportunities, or how they measure consistency. First impressions are important, so do not overlook the customer service impression!

In addition, service throughout the translation process is very important. You will want to find a company that offers you a single point of contact. This makes it much easier to navigate the requirements and expectations when it comes to signing contracts and settling on a final draft. You will also want to make sure the service is conducted in your native language.

Step Nine: Read the Testimonials

This is a great way to get in touch with the personality and nature of the translation service company. It may confirm that the company offers what you need. Then again, while the service may be amazing, it simply might not offer the type of translation that you are looking to have done. All in all, testimonials are a great resource for getting to know the company by learning about their past customers.

Step Ten: Confirm that the Translation Service Company has Localization Services

No matter what it is that you are translating, localization services will ensure that your final draft sounds native in the translated language. This is so crucial in creating an effective translation. Without localization services, your message may not be as effective, or worse, it could come out sounding slightly offensive. Language and culture go hand in hand when it comes to translation, and, at the end of the day, you are hiring the translation service company as the trusted expert.


Picking the right translation services in Singapore can be a daunting task, but with the right information, it can also be an exciting undertaking. With a successful and effective translation, you can reach even more people. To ensure that you are in fact choosing a company that produces quality work, it is best to do your research, ask questions, and always feel confident in signing any contract.