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Localisation means that translated documents are adapted to the appropriate country in both tone and culture. This is never more important than when translating a website, app overview or product description. With many countries it is far too easy to cause offence or even worse break the law. For instance in many countries it is illegal to offer firearms or knives for sale without certain restrictions and declarations. Financial product sales also require specific descriptions and statements. Many countries have cultures where the wrong word or graphic on your website, app or product description could cause offense. At Letter Crafts we only use native translators from the country for which you wish to translate your documents. They understand the need to localise your translations and will undertake this type of translation and point out localisation requirements for you as part of this service.

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At Letter Crafts, all of our translators are very good, but when assigning translators to Certified Translations, we choose our best so that we can be confident in providing your with our signed Certificate of Accuracy that is included with your completed translation. Our Certified Translations are recognised and accepted by the various embassies, State Court, MOM, MOE, LTA and ACRA. The ICA requires that the translated documents for visa applications are also notarised and we arrange this for you as part of our Certified Translations service.

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