Marketing and Advertising Transcreation
Maintaining Your Brand Image

Transcreation is translating whilst maintaining the original intent, style, tone and context. It is often used within corporate brochures and marketing materials in order to maintain the aim of the document. If translated word for word a marketing document can often lose the original intent of the document or worse still harm your brand. We have all seen adverts, marketing documents and proposals that are hackneyed and difficult to read because they have been poorly translated. NOT from Letter Crafts, we always produce quality translations. However with marketing documents, maintaining the brand image and marketing message is vital and we understand that.

When translating any marketing or advertising document at Letter Crafts, we always use a native translator with a marketing background. They read the original document, identify the brand image and marketing message and ensure that it is smoothly and accurately transcribed within the translated document.

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At Letter Crafts, all of our translators are very good, but when assigning translators to Certified Translations, we choose our best so that we can be confident in providing your with our signed Certificate of Accuracy that is included with your completed translation. Our Certified Translations are recognised and accepted by the various embassies, State Court, MOM, MOE, LTA and ACRA. The ICA requires that the translated documents for visa applications are also notarised and we arrange this for you as part of our Certified Translations service.

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