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We provide all types of medical translations such as medical records, medical evidence etc. Any medical document is complex and it is vital that they are translated correctly as they will be used to make a medical judgement. At Letter Crafts we only use medical translators that are both experienced in medical matters and have at least a medical degree or equivalent. This means that we are able to provide a Certified Translation with all of our medical translations. Should you also require the translated document to be notarised, we can also arrange this for you.

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At Letter Crafts, all of our translators are very good, but when assigning translators to Certified Translations, we choose our best so that we can be confident in providing your with our signed Certificate of Accuracy that is included with your completed translation. Our Certified Translations are recognised and accepted by the various embassies, State Court, MOM, MOE, LTA and ACRA. The ICA requires that the translated documents for visa applications are also notarised and we arrange this for you as part of our Certified Translations service.

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