LetterCrafts transforms your audio or video into readable, searchable text.
Our professional transcribers deliver accurate, affordable transcripts.
Legal translation + transcription services available for court related matters.
Dedicated project manager to meet your translation and transcription needs in one go.
Samples of Audio Translations
Audio to text translations convert spoken language or audio content into
written text for accurate representation and understanding
We strive for a smooth experience for our clients
every single time..
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translations of audios
Send audio, get a quote
Share your audio files through WhatsApp or a link to drive. We will assess the file(s) and send a quote within 30 mins.
Translate & Transcribe
We Translate & Transcribe
We will Translate and Transcribe the audio in text format and share the drafts for your approval.
Final Delivery & More
Final Delivery & More
Receive final Transcription on our letter head. We also support signing of affidavits on prior alignment with our translator.
Fast, reliable & Affordable
Letter Crafts provides professional speech-to-text
transcription services for easy-to-understand content.
We offer fast and accurate human transcription at
unbeatable rates, saving you time. Our expertise covers
basic interviews to complex medical content in over
100 languages.Our transcribers excel in handling
challenging audio,ensuring precise results even
with accents and background noise.

We are a 100% Human Translation Service. However, with the emergence of AI and Chat GPT, we do use machines to check for the consistency and accuracy of the translations – mostly the case only for complex and large projects where manual checking is time consuming.

We can comment and commit to the timelines once we look at the volume of the content that needs to be transcribed. Typically, we translate 1,500 words per day (2 to 4 pages per day). We have a track record of delivering 98% of the jobs ahead of the timelines we commit.

We charge on per minute basis and the pricing for per minute differs from language to language. Typically, our service starts from S$25 per minute and there is no additional GST. For regular and repeat customers, we do offer a discount based on the regular volume of audio files that we get from the client.

Yes, all our Translators re bound by non-Disclosure agreements and are governed by Singapore’s data protection act. We don’t ever share personal information that can be used to by 3rd parties to market other services and products. That’s absolutely a no go for us. We also don’t not store any data / documents for more than 3 months. And if requested by clients, we are happy to delete all the records immediately after a successful completion of the translation job.

It depends on the stage of the project. Please contact us as soon as possible in case you decide to cancel a project. We will try our best to cancel it but in cases where the work has been initiated / completed, we will not be able to refund / reverse the payments as we are expected to fairly compensate the translator who put their efforts on the job.

For quotations less than S$3000, payments must be made first before we can start the translation work. For Companies registered in Singapore, we accept 50% partial payment for projects that have invoice value greater than $3000. The balance 50% is paid after the successful delivery of the project.
Need more information or have any
questions? Let us know and our team
will get in touch with you to help you
with your requirement.
Need more information or have any
questions? Let us know and our team
will get in touch with you to help you
with your requirement.